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Bobbin Irish Tension - Bulky /Art Yarn Bobbin | Louet Spinning Wheel

Irish Tensioned Bulky Bobbin

If you are looking to spin novelty and art yarns the Louet bulky bobbin is the bobbin for you.  Each bobbin fits between 250g and 400g of yarnare designed to fit on the Louet bulky flyer.  

Please note these bobbins will need to be fitted to the bulky Irish flyer.  These bobbins are finished with a clear lacquer and will fit on all current and discontinued wheels except the S40, S45, Victoria, S87, S90.  

Additional Information

Compatible Spinning Wheels

Louet S10

Louet S17

Bobbin Capacity

1240 cm³ (75.4 cubic inch)

Extra Ratio

1:4 / 1:5 / 1:6



Country of Origin


Louet Product Number



If you are looking for a bulky bobbin for your Victoria, please view the Victoria accessories.