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Louet Drive Belt

Drive Belt for Louet Spinning Wheels

If you are looking to replace the drive belts on your Louet spinning wheel, you may purchase your replacement drive belts at Thread Collective.

The drive belt goes around the wheel and bobbin to drive the flyer. Several options are available for a variety of Louet spinning wheels. Please choose the appropriate drive belt for your wheel as they are not interchangeable.


Drive Belt Spinning Wheel
Standard (166 cm) S10C, S10, S15, S17, S20, S50, S60, S70, S71, S75, S76, S77, Olivia
S30 (73.5 cm) & S30 Set S30
S45 Set S45
S87 (178 cm) S87
S90 (172 cm) S90
S95/S96 (118 cm) Victoria S95 & S96
IrT/Art Yarn Kit S95/S96 (150 cm) Victoria S95 & S96