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Hand Bobbin Winder | Louet

Wind Bobbins and Quills with Ease

Beautiful hand bobbin winder for bobbins and quills.  It has a tapered shaft to allow for different sized bobbins and pirns.  It can attach to a table or the edge of your loom.  Louet uses sealed ball bearings and has a built-in clamp. 

This bobbin winder is manually controlled and will give you ultimate control of yarn placement on your bobbin or quill to ensure a smooth delivery once you are weaving. 

*New and Improved Design*

Louet has redesigned their Hand Bobbin Winder to give it a larger drive wheel, resulting in a better ratio to drive the winder without having to turn the handle as much.

Please note that the old design we currently have in stock will be discontinued and will not be restocked once sold out.