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Metallic Yarn - Fine Single Ply - 100g | Maurice Brassard

Add some Sparkle! 

Looking to add sparkle to your project? This metallic yarn is a single-ply ultra-fine yarn perfect for doubling or using as a supplementary thread. Delicate yarn suitable for supplementary work.

Please note colours may vary from photos and between dye lots.

Maurice Brassard Metallic Yarn Specifications

Fibre Name

Metallic Yarn - Maurice Brassard

Size (g)

100g spool (1820 - 2750m)

Size (lb)

0.22lb spool (2000 - 3000yds)

Meters per Kilo

18200 - 27500m per kilo



Yarn Delivery

Cardboard Spool

Suggested Sett


Get a Sample Colour Card

Not sure which colours to get? Purchase a Maurice Brassard Metallic Sample Card and see your options.