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Schacht Cricket - Floor Stand

Experience Easier Weaving on the Cricket Loom with the Cricket Stand

The Cricket Stand makes using your Cricket Loom easier than ever! It's easy to place your Cricket Loom on the stand and adjust the angle, and it's even simpler to remove the loom when you're out and about.

The Cricket Stand is built of the same high-quality maple plywood as the Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom.

What's the difference between the 10" and 15" Cricket Stands?

The 10" Cricket Stand weighs approximately 1.36 kg. The 10′′ Cricket Looms manufactured before February 2012 will require two holes drilled into each side; complete instructions and a drilling template are included.

A 15" Cricket Stand will hold a 15" Cricket Loom with or without the Cricket Quartet. This stand weighs little more than 1.36 kg.