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Tapestry Design Basics and Beyond

A Guide to Tapestry Weaving

Explore the world of tapestry weaving with the book Tapestry Design Basics and Beyond: Planning and Weaving with Confidence by Tommye McClure Scanlin, foreword by Rebecca Mezoff.

Once you form ideas and images in your mind, the next step in weaving your tapestry—interpreting these into effective compositions—may come as a challenge. Through this book, you will learn in ways that relate specifically to tapestry art, the design basics you need to make your best work.

Scanlin is a renowned master weaver and this book offers 60 step-by-step "explorations" that lead you from understanding design concepts in your head to using them on your loom.

Be inspired to explore "weavable" ways to manage line, shape, colour, texture, emphasis, balance, rhythm, and more for results that bring your tapestries to a new level.

What to Expect in Tapestry Design Basics and Beyond

  • Part 1 - A discussion on the fundamentals of design.
  • Parts 2 and 3 - Explore tapestry with exercises.
  • Part 4 - Learn the ways on how to turn designs into cartoons.

Tapestry Design Basics and Beyond is a resource treasure trove offers ideas for finishing tapestries (essential to the design’s completeness), helpful templates, glossaries, and other core information to carry forward on your creative path.

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