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The Modern Natural Dyer | Kristine Vejar

Learn from a dyeing expert!

In her book, The Modern Natural Dyer, colour expert Kristine Vejar discusses the most user-friendly processes for dyeing at home with foraged materials, as well as natural dye extracts. Vejar also explains how to obtain consistent, long-lasting colour in simple, easy-to-follow detail.

This book is a comprehensive resource for both aspiring and expert dye makers, with stunning photos of a variety of dyes, the dyeing process, and 20 exciting crafts for the home and wardrobe.

Knitting, felting, and stitching are just a few of the fibre arts that are incorporated into each activity. Additionally, these initiatives seek to advance skills and understanding of natural dyes. Whether you're new to dye work or not, they offer new skills and techniques, so you're likely to find something interesting.