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Weaving Kit - Java Blue 4 Shafts

Weave Your Own Blue Cotton/Wool Scarf

This Venne Scarf Weaving Kit lets you weave a blue-coloured scarf with mercerised cotton and wool on a four-shaft weaving loom.
Weaving Kit Specifications
Designer: Japien Waskowsky
Shafts: 4
To weave: 1
Warp material: Cotton Nm 34/2 mercerised  
Weft material: Cotton/wool Nm 40/1x2
Reed: 90/10 2 ends per dent
Warp density: 18 ends per cm
Weft density: 18 ends per cm. =9 ends per layer
Warp length: 250 cm
Weftwidth: ± 30 cm
Ends: ± 540
Weaving length: ± 180 cm
Weaving structure: Plain weave