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Weaving Kit - Malof Blue 8 Shafts

8 Shaft Weave

The Malof scarf weaving kit from Venne contains everything you need to create this scarf suited for an 8 shaft loom. 

The kit contains the weaving draft and all the yarn you need to weave this scarf.

The weaving width is 30 cm and weaving length 180 cm. The scarf is woven on 8 shafts with cotton Nm 34/2 - Ne 20/2 in cellular weave, an excellent opportunity to try out this technique. Dimensions of the scarf are 30x180 cm. The draft has been designed by Japien Waskowsky. 

This design is available in red, blue and multicoloured.

Red weaving scaft kit from VenneScarf kit 8 shafts from VenneMulticoloured 8 shaft weaving kit