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Weaving Made Easy (Revised and Updated) | Liz Gipson

A weaving guide for beginners

The comprehensive manual Weaving Made Easy: 17 Projects Using a Rigid-Heddle Loom (Revised and Updated) is written for both beginning and advanced weavers. The book includes advice on choosing yarns, creating patterns, and using finishing methods along with detailed instructions on how to set up and operate a rigid-heddle loom.

There are 17 projects in the book, ranging from easy scarves to complex shawls, each with comprehensive instructions and full-colour pictures. As the reader works through the book, their confidence in their weaving abilities grows because the projects are created to build on one another.

This book's concise explanations of weaving terminology and methods are one of its strong points. Concepts like warp tension, shuttle technique, and pick-up patterns are explained by the author using simple language and illustrations.

Anyone who is interested in learning about or honing their weaving techniques should definitely check out this book.