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Weaving MAX8 | Marian Stubenitsky

Weaving in 8 Shafts

Weaving MAX8 is the new book by Marian Stubenitsky. The name of the title says it all, this beautiful book is about fabrics woven with a maximum of 8 shafts.

Marian Stubenitsky's first series of books had a theme they each dealt with a subfield of weaving. However, this book covers a wide variety of topics. What they have in common is that the number of shafts is limited, a maximum of 8. But it is also an interesting reference book for weavers who weave on more than 8 shafts!

The book is beautiful in the quality one has come to expect from publisher Stubenitsky: full-colour, satin-finished, sewn and bound in hardcover in A4 format. The work has 196 pages and is bilingual, in Dutch and English.