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Omanik Factory Quantum Frames V.22: What to Expect

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Omanik Factory Quantum Frame Bars and Rods - Thread Collective Australia
Get to know the new items from Omanik Factory.

What are Omanik Factory Quantum Frames

In the world of needlecraft and embroidery, precision and innovation are the keys to turning ordinary projects into extraordinary works of art. Embroidery frames serve several essential purposes in the art of needlecraft. Superior frames such as Omanik Factory’s Quantum Frame help needlecrafters create beautiful and precise stitches while keeping the fabric taut and stable.

Whether you are an experienced needlecrafter or just starting your journey into the world of textile art, you understand the importance of having the right tools at your disposal. That's where Omanik Factory's Quantum Frame rods, bars, and stretchers come into play.

Made in Estonia, the Omanik Factory embroidery tools undergo comprehensive quality control to ensure that needlecrafters like you get the best products available on the market. If you are looking to upgrade your embroidery setup, why not do so with the Omanik Factory V.22 Quantum Frame bars and rods?

Here’s what to expect from the V.22 product lineup of Omanik Factory.

Quantum Frame QL-Rods V.22

Quantum Frames by Omanik Factory QL-Rods V.22 - Thread Collective Australia
Quantum Frame QL-Rods V.22

The Quantum Frame QL-Rods V.22 are packaged as a two-piece set of rods and dowels. The rods are made without the holes that were used to mount the bars of the older version. The dowels fix the fabric inside the horizontal rods and hold it firmly in place.

Please note that the QL-Rods V.22 are only compatible with vertical V.22 QH-Bars.

Quantum Frame QH-Bars V.22

Omanik Factory Quantum Bars QH-Bars V.22 - Thread Collective Australia
Omanik Factory Quantum Frame Bars V22

Omanik Factory stopped the production of their old Quantum Frame H-Bars in July of 2022. However, they released a new and improved version, which makes frame mounting much easier and has stronger bars that can withstand the highest canvas tension. This new design allows for more precise adjustment as well.

With the QH-Bars V.22, you will find it a lot easier to locate a better place for stitching. This is because the new version allows you to rotate rods for 90 degrees instead of 180 degrees.

QH-Bars with Side Stretchers V.22

Omanik Factory Quantum Frame QH-Bars with Side Stretchers V.22 - Thread Collective Australia
Omanik Factory Quantum Frame Stretcher Bars V22

The side stretchers on the Quantum Frame QH-Bars with Side Stretchers V.22 have been designed to grip the edges of your embroidery fabric to reach a suitable horizontal tension. The main advantage of this new version is that you can scroll your embroidery fabric by 90 degrees - both the top and bottom of your project. The use of side stretchers is highly recommended for large, full-coverage, and beading projects, as well as for mixed-media textiles.

Upgrade your Stitching Space

Needlecraft stands, such as Omanik Factory's Monstrik and Mantis stands, are transformative additions to any stitching space, elevating your stitching experience in numerous ways!

Mantis Stand by Omanik Fatcory - Thread Collective Australia
Mantis stand holding a Quantum Frame by Omanik Factory.

These stands provide ergonomic benefits by allowing needlecrafters like you to maintain a comfortable posture while working for extended periods and free up both hands, enabling greater precision and control over needlework. These frames have been designed to securely hold your Quantum Frames in place.

Additionally, needlecraft stands offer the convenience of easy adjustments, accommodating various project sizes and styles. The presence of a needlecraft stand in your stitching space will surely enhance both the quality of the work produced and the overall enjoyment of the craft, making it an indispensable tool for embroidery and needlecraft enthusiasts.

The Mantis stand can hold a Quantum Frame with bar lengths of up to 70cm and the Monstrik stand can hold a Quantum Frame with rods up to 110cm in length. In addition to the stands Omanik Factory also offers accessories such as the vertical spacer, q-snap clamps and packo holder.

Last Chance to Get the Older Version of Quantum Frame Bars & Rods

If you want to purchase the older versions of Omanik Factory’s Quantum Frames stretcher bars and rods, Thread Collective still has a few left in stock, but you'll have to act fast because there will no longer be a restock once they are sold out.

Omanik Factory is a family-run business based in Estonia that specializes in making tools for needlecraft. Whether you are an experienced embroider or just starting out on your needlecraft journey, the Omanik Factory embroidery frames and accessories are guaranteed to make your craft even more enjoyable!

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