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Bluster Bay Handcrafted Weaving Shuttles

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Bluster Bay weaving shuttles are known to be among the best weaving shuttles available.  Handcrafted in the US using Australian hardwood selected for its combination of beauty, strength and durability. 

Bluster Bay Weaving Shuttles Tasmanian Blackwood

Bluster Bays are available in a range of sizes and types to compliment any weaving project.  Shuttle types available include honex and hook end feed shuttles, conventional boat and super slim varieties along with poke shuttles.  

Timbers selected for this release include Tasmanian Oak, Tasmanian Blackwood, Spotted Gum, Red Gum, Blue Gum, Jarrah and Blackbutt.

Bluster Bay Australian Timber Weaving Shuttles

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