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ITO fine yarns from Japan have arrived

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ITO is Japanese for yarn or thread. ITO – Fine Yarn from Japan are special yarns, produced in Japan, a country with a long tradition in textiles.  ITO collaborates with small spinning and dyeing mills and understands itself as ambassador for the unique Japanese textile tradition.

Thread Collective now has Kinu in stock, Kinu is a 100% silk noil yarn produced from the leftovers of spun filament silk. Differently colored fibers are blended for this silk noil yarn, to produce a melange effect. Kinu is an all-purpose silk yarn - for sportive as well as for elegant wear. 

Kinu is great for a variety of weaving and knitting projects. This overshot scarf was woven by Just You Me and The Dogs using ITO Kinu and Alpaca.  

ITO Kinu silk noil by Just You Me and The Dogs

ITO Kinu is now in the shop and available in 40 beautifully textured varieties.  SHOP NOW 

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