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Spinning & Weaving Week

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Time to Celebrate

It's Spinning & Weaving Week from 5th to 11th October and we want you to celebrate with us!  Spinning and Weaving Week is a time to celebrate the origins of the fabrics we wear and use. 

If you have been thinking about learning to spin or weave or looking to upgrading your equipment, Thread Collective is giving away a gift with purchase.

Spinning and Weaving Week Loom Sale

  • Purchase a Rigid Heddle Loom and recieve a $25 yarn voucher.  
  • Purchase a Table Loom and recieve a $50 yarn voucher. 
  • Purchase a Floor Loom and recieve a $200 yarn voucher. 

Vouchers will be included with your purchase, no code needed. 


  spinning and weaving week spinning wheel sale

Purchase a Spinning Wheel and recieve a bundle of fibres on us. (No code needed)

**Please note that we have not yet listed all Ashford looms on the website but they are available for purchase. Contact us for further information. 

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