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Leclerc Colonial

Leclerc Colonial v2 Loom

The Leclerc Colonial V2 traditional jack loom combines traditional craftsmanship and contemporary advancements in the realm of textile weaving. This loom, which is renowned for its excellence and adaptability, provides weavers of all levels with a wide range of creative options.

The Leclerc Colonial V2 embraces the rich heritage of traditional jack looms while incorporating modern advancements. With sturdy construction and meticulously crafted components, this loom combines reliability and functionality, allowing weavers to indulge in their artistic pursuits with confidence.

A versatile loom that can grow with your weaving skills, the Colonial's modular design enables you to expand the loom's width and add additional shafts, allowing for greater weaving complexity and project diversity. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced weaver, this loom can adapt to your evolving needs and provide endless possibilities for exploration.

Order the Leclerc Colonial Loom Online in Australia

Explore the art of traditional weaving with a modern twist using the Leclerc Colonial v2 loom. Get a wider and cleaner shed with this general-purpose loom. Its great adaptability allows for any specific purpose required by an inventive and creative weaver.

Pair your Leclerc Colonial v2 traditional jack loom with accessories, such as inserted eye heddles and flying shuttles with pirn.