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Louet Jane

Louet Jane 8-Shaft Table Loom

Designed by weavers for weavers, the Louet Jane offers outstanding features and performance. This versatile and compact loom offers a range of features and benefits that make it a preferred choice for both beginners and experienced weavers alike.

The Louet Jane 8-Shaft Table Loom is known for its compact and lightweight design, making it an ideal option for weavers with limited space or those who prefer to weave on the go. With its folding feature, the loom can be easily folded and carried, allowing weavers to take their craft with them wherever they go. Its sturdy construction ensures stability, even during intensive weaving projects.

With its ergonomic and adjustable handles, weavers can easily operate the loom, ensuring a comfortable and efficient weaving experience. The loom's tensioning system allows for precise control over warp tension, resulting in consistent and even weaving.

Investing in a Louet Jane 8-Shaft Table Loom opens doors to a vibrant community of weavers who share a passion for their craft. Louet provides excellent customer support and resources for weavers, including online tutorials, weaving patterns, and a dedicated community forum where weavers can exchange ideas and seek guidance.

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This loom is available in 40cm, 50cm and 70cm weaving width options. You can use it on a tabletop or mounted on a stand. Optional accessories for the Louet Jane include the weaving bench, floor stand, second warp beam, Texsolv heddles, stainless steel reeds, and travel bag.