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Lowery Workstands: Needlework Made Easy

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Stitch Hands-Free with a Lowery Embroidery Stand

Make your next cross stitch or embroidery project even more enjoyable by using a workstand to hold your frame. Allowing you to easily stitch with two hands. Accelerating the precision and time it’ll take you to complete your project.

The Lowery complete workstand is the craft stand you didn't know you needed. An all-purpose stand that will hold your embroidery or frame loom at just the right position.

Available in two options, the grey and a premium stainless steel version. The Lowery stands offer a number of accessories to personalise your stand to work for you.

Why Buy Your Cross Stitch Stand From Thread Collective?

At Thread Collective we’re cross stitch and embroidery lovers like you. We know you invest a lot of time into your craft. That’s why we’re passionate about connecting local creatives like you with premium quality embroidery stands and supplies.

We’ve scoured and sourced craft stands, hand embroidery fabrics, threads, and needlecraft supplies from top brands around the world. And we’re continually evolving our range and looking for new opportunities to work with local manufacturers to broaden locally sourced products.

Shop our range of high-quality lowery needlework stands today and find the perfect workstand for your embroidery projects.