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Sturdy & Collapsible Niddy Noddy

Ashford & Louet Niddy Noddy

Welcome to the world of yarn arts and crafts, where anything is possible, especially when you have the right tools on hand. Browse our Niddy Noddy collection for your yarn art needs.

What is a Niddy Noddy?

A Niddy Noddy is a handy tool that assists fibre artists in making skeins of yarn. It is an accessory used for winding yarn from a spinning wheel bobbin to make a skein. It comes in a range of sizes, from small to large. For example, Ashford offers a jumbo-size Niddy Noddy that's great for making huge skeins of bulky art yarn. There are also small-sized options that can make smaller yarn skeins. The most common size produces a 1.8-meter skein.

A Niddy Noddy has a middle bar and crossbars on each end. Featuring shaped crossbars that allow the finished yarn skeins to slide off easily, these tools are portable, affordable, and easy to dismantle for storage.⁣

Why should you use a Niddy Noddy?

A Niddy Noddy helps fibre artists quickly transform balls of yarn into skeins. It can also be advantageous to have this tool around especially when you find an unmarked ball of yarn in your stash.

If you are a spinner, a Niddy Noddy can be very useful for you because you can spin a sample yarn, ply it, and then transform it into a skein using this tool. Many weavers, knitters, and spinners have also found this to be hugely helpful in managing fibres during the soaking, washing, and dyeing process.

How to Use a Niddy Noddy

Secure one end of your yarn by tucking it underneath your hand and then wind the end of the yarn around the middle bar. Alternatively, you can tie the yarn to one end of the crossbar. Either way works just fine.

You must hold the end of the yarn firmly in place as you start to wrap it around the Niddy Noddy. The next few steps might sound a bit tricky, but don't worry, it gets easier once you get the hang of it.

Start by taking the yarn over to the left end side of the top crossbar and then down and under the right side of the lower crossbar. After that, take the yarn up and over the other end of the top crossbar, and then pull it down and under the other end of the lower crossbar.

Once you have done all those steps, you'll find that you have returned to the starting point. This means you have completed one wrap. Repeat until you have used up all the yarn.