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Cotton Organic 16/2 Colour Pack 004 | Venne

Inspired by the Beautiful Macaw

Introducing our Egyptian Cotton Colour Pack, a luxurious and vibrant collection inspired by the breathtaking hues of the Blue and Gold Macaw. This exquisite set of yarns brings the exotic beauty and rich diversity of the tropical rainforest right to your fingertips.

This pack contains 5 100g cones of Venne Organic Egyptian Cotton Yarn - Ne 16/2 (Nm 28/2) in the following colours:

  • Dark Blue 4005
  • Royal 4075
  • Turquoise 4007
  • Deep Yellow 1005
  • Gift Green 5052

From cheerful garments to stunning home decor, this collection of vibrant yarns will infuse your projects with the rich and exotic spirit of the rainforest. Order your colour pack today and embark on a tropical crafting adventure like no other!

If you love this colour palette, you can also get these yarns in Ne 8/2.