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Glimakra Victoria Table Loom

An Excellent, Compact Table Loom

The Glimakra Victoria Table Loom is a compact and lightweight loom that offers a wide weaving width, the widest of Glimakra's collection of table-top looms. It doesn't take up much space in your home, studio, or even in your vehicle when you need to take it to a weaving workshop. It's easy to move or transport even when warped.

Glimakra Victoria Features and Specifications

  • Weaving width: 70cm (27")
  • Height: 65cm (26")
  • Floor space: 82cm (32") x 82cm (32")

The Victora Loom is equipped with 4 shafts. It is delivered as a hand-operated table model, and the shed is created by hand levers, which you lock in an open shed position.

Optional Accessories

  • Victoria Floor Stand
  • Victoria Treadle Kit