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Ashford Carding & Fibre Preparation

Prepare Your Fibres for Spinning

Spinning yarn from raw fibres is a captivating craft that allows artisans to create unique and beautiful textiles. However, fibres must be properly prepped before spinning can start. This is where Ashford Carding & Fibre Preparation Tools come into play. 

With a long and illustrious history in the fibre arts industry, Ashford has made a name for itself as a reliable brand by offering spinners high-quality tools that make the process of preparing fibres for weaving and other crafts quick and easy.

Hand Carders

Ashford offers a range of hand carders, including standard hand carders and blending hand carders. These carders have comfortable handles, ensuring a smooth and easy carding experience. The carding cloth is securely bonded to the carder, providing excellent durability and longevity.

Drum Carders

Drum carders are perfect for swiftly and effectively processing greater amounts of fibre. The large-diameter drum and sturdy design of Ashford's drum carders guarantee a smooth operation and reliable carding output. Spinners can easily make batts or rolags for projects like felting or spinning with Ashford drum carders.

Blending Board

The Ashford blending board features a large carding area covered in a high-quality carding cloth. Spinners can layer different fibres, colours, and textures on the blending board, and then use the included blending brush or hand carders to blend them together. This process results in beautifully blended rolags, ready to be spun into yarn.

Buy Ashford Carding & Fibre Preparation Tools Online

Thread Collective offers a collection of carding and fibre preparation tools and equipment to help you prepare fibre for spinning. From hand cards and drum carders to blending boards, we have a broad range of tools and equipment to get you started.

Browse our range of Ashford Carding & Fibre Preparation tools that will help you get your beautiful fibres ready for spinning. Choose from handcards in different sizes, e-carders, blending boards, drum carders, and many more. Invest in these high-quality tools, and watch as your raw fibres transform into beautifully prepared materials ready for the spinning wheel.

If you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to send us a message and we will be glad to assist you.