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ITO Silk Yarns

Silk Yarns & Threads from Japan

Silk is known to be lightweight, but strong and resilient. This is why it has become a staple in fabric making. Our range of ITO silk yarns will not disappoint. Available in a variety of colours and sizes, you'll surely find the perfect silk yarn or thread for the project you have in mind.

Why Choose Silk?

Silk threads and yarns add strength and shine to fabrics and crafts, and lustre when blended with other types of fibre. These are particularly great to use for making shawls and silk pillowcases. Additionally, it can be blended with wool to make hats, sweaters, cardigans, and many more.

Buy ITO Silk Yarn Online at Thread Collective

At Thread Collective we are handicraft lovers like you. We love weaving, knitting, crochet, embroidery, and all kinds of fibre art! We know you invest a lot of time into your craft. That’s why we’re passionate about connecting local weavers and textile artists like you with premium quality cotton yarn brands.

We have scoured and sourced the best embroidery threads and supplies from top brands around the world. We are continually evolving our range of cotton yarns for knitting, crochet, and weaving, and looking for new opportunities to work with local manufacturers to broaden our locally sourced products. 

Shop our range of ITO silk yarns and find the perfect yarn for your next project.