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Large Cones

Yarns in Large Cones

Working on big weaving projects requires ample supplies of yarn to bring your creative vision to life. While skeins and balls of yarn are readily available, opting for yarn in large cones can offer numerous advantages. Let's talk about the benefits of buying yarn in large cones and provides valuable insights into making the right purchase decisions for your weaving projects.

Advantages of Buying Yarn in Large Cones

Yarn cones typically contain larger quantities of yarn compared to traditional skeins or balls, making them suitable for larger projects or for those who prefer not to frequently switch between yarns. 

Here are the benefits of buying large yarn cones:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Purchasing yarn in large cones can be more cost-effective compared to buying multiple smaller skeins or balls. Cone yarn is often sold in bulk, reducing the overall price per unit of yarn.
  • Continuous supply: Large cones of yarn contain a substantial amount of fibre, ensuring you have a continuous supply for extensive weaving projects without interruptions.
  • Fewer knots and joins: Unlike smaller skeins, cones tend to have fewer knots and joins, resulting in smoother weaving experiences and cleaner finished projects.
  • Efficient storage: Yarn cones take up less space compared to numerous smaller skeins, making them easier to store and organize.
  • Consistent dye lots: When buying large yarn cones, you can ensure consistent dye lots, minimizing the risk of color variations in your weaving project.

Tips for Working with Yarn Cones

  • Winding yarn: While some cones allow for centre-pull access, others may require winding the yarn onto a separate bobbin or shuttle for easier handling during weaving.
  • Tensioning: Ensure consistent tension while working with yarn cones to maintain uniformity in your weaving. Use appropriate tensioning devices or techniques to prevent snags or loose threads.
  • Storing unused yarn: Protect your unused cone yarn from dust, moisture, and pests by storing it in airtight containers or bags.
  • Colour sampling: Before starting a large-scale weaving project, create small colour samples to assess how the colours interact and ensure they match your vision.

Buy Yarns in Large Cones Online

For large weaving projects, purchasing yarn cones can be a wise and economical decision for weavers. Yarn cones have benefits that make them excellent for a variety of weaving applications, including their generous yardage, uniform dye batches, and ease of use. You can securely acquire the ideal yarn cones to realize your creative vision by taking into account elements like weight, fibre content, quality, and colour selection.

Planning to weave a big project soon? Choose from our collection of weaving yarns in large cones. Enjoy bulk buys of some of your favourite yarns. If you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to drop us a line and we will be happy to assist you.

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