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      Louet Victoria S95 & S96 Travel Spinning Wheel

      Louet Victoria S95 & S96 Travel Spinning Wheel
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      Get your spinning adventures started with the Louet Victoria Spinning Wheel. Choose from two timber choices, oak and beech. The Victoria features a double treadle and scotch tension, making it an absolute delight.

      Optional accessories for the Louet Victoria Spinning Wheel S95 include standard bobbins, high-speed sets, high-speed bobbins, flyer with hook guides, travel bag, stand-alone Lazy Kate, additional rod for Lazy Kate, stand-alone skein winder, standard flyer with sliding guides, and the Irish art yarn kit.

      The Louet Victoria Spinning Wheel S96, on the other hand, is compatible with Louet bobbins, a high-speed set, and a standard flyer with sliding guides.