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Weaving Yarn: Local and Globally Sourced Yarns for Weaving

Australia's Premier Range of Weaving Yarns

With weaving at its core, Thread Collective has brought together a curated selection of some of the most loved and exquisite weaving yarns produced locally and from around the world. Thread Collective has a range to suit all weavers and weaving styles.

What is the best yarn for weaving?

Weaving yarns are made of fibres from plant, animal, mineral, cellulose, or plastic. The fibre composition affects how the yarn translates into the fabric and how your final project appears.

A yarn's fibre composition is important to consider when choosing which type of yarn you want for your project. The most common types include wool weaving yarn, silk weaving yarn, cotton weaving yarn, and linen weaving yarn. They all have different characteristics that make them suited for different types of projects. Whether you are working on tapestry, fabrics for clothing, or homewares, you'll definitely find the perfect yarn on this website.

What factors should you consider when choosing weaving yarn?


  • The quality of fibres in the weaving yarn


When it comes to choosing the best yarn for weaving, it is important to consider the quality of the fibres. Cotton yarn is an ideal choice for both home textiles and apparel since it is hardy, washable, and affordable. Wool yarn is slightly stretchy, which allows room for mistakes. Most beginners prefer to start with wool weaving for these reasons. Silk yarn and other smooth fibres are best reserved for intermediate weavers or semi-experts because they can be slippery. Synthetic fibres like acrylic, polyester, and nylon are strong, durable, and easy to dye. 

Natural fibres like hemp, rayon, soy, bamboo, and Tencel are high-sheen fibres that have an excellent drape. However, they may not be suitable for absolute beginners who are just getting to know the weaving loom. Each type of fibre has its own unique characteristics, so it is important to consider your project and skill level when making a decision.


  • Weaving yarn weight and thickness


When choosing weaving yarn for your project, it is important to consider both the weight and thickness of the yarn. To learn more about how to understand weaving yarn weights and thickness, kindly read this guide.


  • The blend of fibres in the yarn


When choosing weaving yarn, you would be faced with several amazing options, such as cotton, wool, linen, hemp, rayon, soy, bamboo, and Tencel fibres. Cotton is the best yarn for weaving towels, light blankets, throws, summer wraps, and scarves. Wool weaving provides elasticity and is best for beginners. Linen is great for lightweight projects which will get a fair amount of use and is often used in blends. Hemp is best for table runners, upholstery, wall hangings, placemats, and baskets. Rayon is a silk look-alike and is suited for stylish scarves and wraps. Soy, bamboo, and Tencel fibres are ideal for lightweight and stylish apparel. So, what do you want to weave?


  • The colour range available for weaving yarns


It is also important to consider the range of colours available. While most any yarn can be used for weaving, some colours may be better suited than others. Here at Thread Collective, we offer a full range of colours, from white through to black and even a variety of unique colourways. 

If you need to see the yarn colours in person before buying in bulk and starting your weaving project, you may purchase sample colour cards.

How to choose the right weaving yarn for your project?

Choosing a yarn for your weaving project involves considering several factors, such as the type of yarn, the ply count, the colours, the texture, and the durability of the weaving yarn. Basically, the type of weaving yarn should be chosen based on the project and whether it is suitable for the intended purpose.

Additionally, it is important to consider the ply, or how many strands the yarn is made up of, and the overall strength of the yarn to make sure it is suitable for your project. Finally, you should also think about the convenience of the yarn, such as whether it is available on easy-to-use cones or mini-cones.

Buy Weaving Yarn for Sale in Australia

Thread Collective offers the largest collection of weaving yarns Australia has ever seen. We have sourced weaving yarns sourced locally and from around the world! Each type has been chosen for its unique characteristics and quality, which make them perfect for different types of weaving projects.

Browse our collection of yarns either by brand, type or by weight. If you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to send us a message and we will do our best to assist you.

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