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Ski Shuttle | Bluster Bay


These high-capacity Bluster Bay Ski Shuttles are useful when weaving with rag strips or bulky yarns such as mohair or rug yarn. Ski shuttles are often used interchangeably with rug shuttles. Our ski shuttles are low-profile at only 1.25 inches tall and will easily pass through narrow sheds.

bluster bay high capacity ski shuttles

The runners of these ski shuttles are steam-bent to a gentle, smooth curve. Steam-bending is more complicated and time-consuming than simply cutting the runners to a curved shape, but steam-bending produces runners that are more elegant and significantly stronger for their weight. Following the bending process, the runners are thoroughly dried and then sanded and buffed to such smoothness that they will literally ski through your warp.

bluster bay ski shuttles on loom

Very few woods can be steam-bent with consistent results. Of the woods typically stocked by Bluster Bay, only cherry, walnut, maple, and ash exhibit excellent steam-bending characteristics, and therefore, the runners of these ski shuttles are made only in these four kinds of wood. The centre cleat of the ski shuttle may be made from any wood we have available.

SKI-18 18-inch ski shuttle
SKI-24 24-inch ski shuttle 

Both lengths are 1.25 inches tall and 1.75 inches wide.