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ITO Sample Cards

What Colour Will You Choose?

For those who enjoy weaving, knitting, and crocheting, choosing the ideal yarn for a project is essential to getting the results they want. Making a choice without actually holding the yarn in your hands might be overwhelming with so many yarn options available in different colours, textures, and fibre combinations. Prior to making a large-scale purchase of yarn, investing in yarn sample cards will help you make an informed decision and prevent expensive mistakes. 

These ITO  sample cards provide an opportunity to visually and tactilely evaluate different yarn options. Online images or descriptions may not accurately depict the true colours, textures, or sheen of the yarn. By having the actual yarn samples in hand, crafters can assess their quality, softness, weight, and drape, enabling them to envision the final product more accurately.

Buy ITO Sample Cards Online

Planning a weaving or textile project is a lot of fun, but this can become overwhelming when you are trying to match your vision with images on a computer screen. These ITO sample cards can let you visualise the options or coordinate with your existing yarn supply.

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