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Maurice Brassard Tencel Yarns

Weave Absorbent, Breathable Fabrics with Tencel

Tencel yarns are great to use for making blankets and spring or summer-season clothing items, including ponchos, wraps, shawls, camisoles, and cardigans. It offers excellent breathability and is water-absorbent.

What is Tencel yarn?

Tencel is a cellulose-based fibre that can be used similarly to mercerised cotton, bamboo, or silk. It has a smooth, soft, and silky texture.

Although a member of the rayon family, it isn't as common as some other fibres. This is partly because Tencel itself isn't a kind of material, but rather a brand name for a combination of lyocell and modal. 

Why Use Tencel?

Tencel yarn, also known as lyocell yarn, is a popular choice for weaving for several reasons. Here are some benefits of using Tencel yarn:

  • Softness and comfort: Tencel yarn is extremely comfortable to wear or use in textiles because of its smooth, soft texture. It feels rich and has a great drape, much like silk or cotton. When Tencel is woven into fabric, it can be soft against the skin, lightweight, breathable, and excellent for a variety of outfits, including clothes, accessories, and household textiles.
  • Moisture management: Tencel yarn has an exceptional ability to wick away moisture. It keeps the wearer dry and comfortable by effectively absorbing moisture and releasing it back into the atmosphere. Tencel fabric is a fantastic option for activewear, towels, and other applications where moisture control is crucial because of this moisture management property.
  • Strength and durability: Although Tencel yarn is delicate, it is also fairly strong and long-lasting. Because of its great tensile strength, it can bear tension and stress without easily breaking. Tencel yarn is strong enough to be used in a variety of weaving processes and to assure the durability of the woven fabric.

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