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Tapestry Weaving

Tapestry Weaving Supplies and Looms

Tapestries are one of the most beautiful creations that can emerge from a loom. For centuries, these textile masterpieces have hung on the walls of famous buildings, homes, and galleries, gracing the space with colour, texture, and warmth.

Today, they’re very much a part of modern fibre art, providing a unique handmade touch to interiors. As a wall hanging, tapestries have a three-dimensional quality that prints and other artworks simply cannot replicate - especially when made with the passion and signature of a skilled weaver.

Thread Collective makes it possible to produce these one-of-a-kind works anywhere within Australia. The specialised supplies we stock include high-quality yarn, professional tapestry looms from brands like Louet and Ashford among others; and guidance on what to select for your needs.

Wondering how to make tapestry pieces? Start with the right equipment.

Tapestry weaving is a special craft that requires dedication, time, and the right equipment. Your unique artistic imprint will stay within the fibres long after it’s hanging on the walls of galleries, friends, or clients; free to be admired by all who set their eyes upon it.

The first foundation for tapestry loom weaving is having the right equipment on hand. It’s important to keep in mind that your piece will remain on the loom for some time as you weave it into existence. That means that the frame you’re working on won’t be free for other projects, likely for many months. While it’s possible to use a table loom like one of our rigid heddles for this purpose - they are versatile and offer plenty of options - it isn’t ideal. We recommend purchasing a dedicated tapestry frame or loom for these large artworks, on which you can comfortably weave at your leisure.

Our tapestry collection contains specially sourced supplies that are tailored to the art of textile wall hangings. Tapestry weaving looms, tapestry yarn, weighted beaters, and many more specialised accessories are available through our website to help you produce a stunning piece with quality and care. Browse our popular range to see how we can help you upskill your craft and explore new ways of making masterpieces through this intriguing technique. 

Thread Collective is here to help you craft!

It was a devotion to the love of creating through thread that sparked the birth of Thread Collective. From one founder in one Australian city - Brisbane - we have grown our reach across the entire country, enabling like-minded weavers, knitters, spinners, and textile artists to pour their creativity and craft into finished fibre pieces.

We consider tapestries to be one of the most wonderful works that are produced in the world of textile art and would love to see more of them on walls across the country. If you’re a tapestry artist or would like to become one, feel free to browse our range and connect with our knowledgeable team if you have any questions - we’re always happy to help!

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