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      Floor Looms

      Floor weaving looms in a range of sizes and shaft harness options

      Louet Floor Looms

      Floor looms are ideal for the weaver looking to weave longer or wider projects.  The floor looms we offer range in size from 70cm to 130cm, the width you choose will depend on the width of the fabric you want to weave. 

      Generally weaving on a floor loom is faster as the shafts are operated by the weavers feet, freeing up the arms to concentrate on throwing the shuttle.  Our floor looms start with a minimum of 4 weaving shafts and increase up to 12 shafts. 

      The Louet looms are built to last without being overly heavy. All of our floor looms are equipped with Texsolv heddles, for lightweight operation.  Louet floor looms come partly assembled and have an illustrated assembly guide.

      The David is a popular small floor loom that looks modest but surpasses many large floor looms in functional quality. Spring and Delta have a parallel countermarch system for harness action and a moving breast beam to control the tension of the warp, which makes them easy to use.

      Floor looms are generally pre-ordered with Louet. Timing usually does not exceed 12 weeks, however, do not hesitate to contact us for timing or to assist in determining which loom suits your needs.

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