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Louet Octado Dobby - 8 Shaft Computer or Mechanical Dobby Loom

Weave Production Style

The 8-shaft Louet Octado floor loom stands out as the pinnacle of craftsmanship and ingenuity among the many options that modern looms provide for textile artists. This loom equips weavers to express their creativity and effortlessly generate elaborate designs thanks to its clever blend of mechanical and electronic Dobby technology.

Get to Know the Louet Octado

The 8-Shaft Louet Octado floor loom boasts a robust construction and a sleek, ergonomic design. Crafted from high-quality hardwood, it ensures durability and stability while providing a luxurious feel to the weaver. With its eight shafts, this loom offers an impressive range of weaving possibilities, allowing for intricate patterns and complex designs.

This amazing weaving loom is available in 3 weaving widths: 70, 90 and 110 cm.

Louet Octado Mechanical Dobby

The Louet Octado mechanical Dobby features a program bar and pegs. The program bars' numbered holes line up with the harnesses of the loom. Place a peg in the program bar's appropriate hole if you wish a harness to be elevated. Your program bars can be as long as you like, but if they start to pile up, you might want to think about using the computer Dobby option. 

Louet Octado Computer Dobby 

The Octado computer Dobby loom incorporates a range of special features, including simple programming and light treadling of the countermarch shed. The computer Dobby frees up more time for weaving by eliminating the need to set up pegs.

Buy Louet Octado Loom & Accessories

Thread Collective offers the 8-shaft Louet Octado floor loom with the mechanical and computer Dobby system. Weave large-scale and production-scale textiles with this fantastic loom.  The mechanical dobby unit is operated by pegs and the electronic dobby loom by a computer assist dobby head.

Accessories for the Louet Octado Dobby include Texsolv heddles, stainless steel reeds, warp tension regulator, weaving bench tilting kit, sectional warp kit, and second warp beam.