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Schacht Weaving Looms and Spinning Wheels

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Create with Schacht Looms & Wheels

The rhythmic movement of threads and fibres coming together to create intricate patterns and textiles is a truly mesmerizing process. If you're an aspiring weaver or spinner, Schacht weaving looms and spinning wheels are excellent tools to explore and express your creativity. 

50 Years of Excellence with Schacht

Schacht Spindle Company, founded in 1969 by Barry Schacht, is a well-known name in the weaving and spinning industries. Schacht has acquired a reputation for providing high-quality looms and spinning wheels that fulfil the needs of both beginning and seasoned fibre artisans.

For over 50 years, Schacht has been a value-driven enterprise striving to be inclusive and respectful of others. Schacht's vision is to support weavers and spinners worldwide through our products, services, and education. 

Schacht Weaving Looms

Schacht offers a diverse range of weaving looms, each designed to cater to different weaving styles and preferences. Whether you're interested in rigid heddle weaving, table looms, or floor looms, Schacht has an option for you.

  • Rigid Heddle Looms: Perfect for beginners, these portable and versatile looms are easy to set up and operate. With Schacht's rigid heddle looms, just like the Schacht Flip Folding Loom and the Schacht Cricket Loom, you can create beautiful scarves, towels, and even larger projects with their expandable options.

  • Table Looms: Ideal for weavers with limited space or those seeking portability, Schacht's table looms offer a compact yet robust solution. These looms are designed for small to medium-sized projects and are known for their ease of use and sturdy construction.

  • Floor Looms: If you're looking to take your weaving to the next level, Schacht's floor looms are a fantastic choice. Available in different sizes and configurations, these looms provide ample space and advanced features for complex weaving patterns and larger projects. Choose from the Schacht Standard Floor Loom, Baby Wolf Loom, Wolf Pup Loom, or the Mighty Molf Loom.

Schacht Spinning Wheels

Schacht spinning wheels are crafted with precision, offering a seamless spinning experience. Whether you're a beginner or an expert spinner, Schacht has a spinning wheel that suits your needs.

  • Matchless Spinning Wheel: Regarded as one of the finest spinning wheels on the market, the Matchless offers exceptional control and a smooth spinning experience. With its double treadle design and easy adjustments, this wheel provides versatility and efficiency for various spinning techniques.

  • Ladybug Spinning Wheel: Compact, charming, and user-friendly, the Ladybug spinning wheel is an excellent choice for beginners. Its robust construction, single treadle, and straightforward mechanics make it an ideal option for those starting their spinning journey.

  • Sidekick Spinning Wheel: Designed for the on-the-go spinner, the Sidekick is a folding spinning wheel that offers portability without compromising functionality. With its lightweight yet durable construction, this wheel allows you to spin wherever inspiration strikes.

Buy Schacht Looms, Wheels, and Accessories in Australia

Thread Collective offers the full range of Schacht Weaving Looms and Spinning Wheels. Schacht is known for its quality and its desire to improve its products constantly. Schacht knows that attention to detail matters to the weavers or spinners who depend on their equipment to do the best job possible.

At Thread Collective, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the most comprehensive range of weaving looms, spinning wheels and accessories.  Please email us at to obtain a quote on any of the Schacht range.