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Schacht Weaving Looms and Spinning Wheels

Schacht Bobbins
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Schacht Bobbins from $39.90
Schacht Raddles
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Schacht Raddles from $135.00
Schacht Wolf Traps from $89.00
Schacht Table Loom from $1,290.00
Schacht Wolf Pup
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Schacht Wolf Pup from $3,050.00

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50 years of excellence in Weaving Looms & Spinning Wheels

Thread Collective offers the full range of Schacht Weaving Looms and Spinning Wheels.  Schacht is known for its quality and its desire to improve its products constantly.  Schacht knows that attention to detail matters to the weavers or spinners who depends on their equipment to do the best job possible.

For over 50 years, Schacht has been a value-driven enterprise striving to be inclusive and respectful of others. Schacht's vision is to support weavers and spinners worldwide through our products, services, and education.


At Thread Collective, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the most comprehensive range of weaving looms, spinning wheels and accessories.  Please email us at to obtain a quote on any of the Schacht range.