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Schacht Wolf Pup

Sturdy, Compact Looms with Big Loom Performance

The Schacht Wolf Pup LT and Schacht Wolf Pup 8.10 are low castle compact looms with big loom features.

Both feature a weaving width of 18″, as well as lamms that allow flexible tie-ups.The Wolf Pup LT has 4 shafts and 6 treadles, while the Wolf Pup 8.10 has 8 shafts and 10 treadles. You have the option to add a height extender to either model, raising it by 2″.

Wolf Pup LT Features

You can easily take this 4-shaft loom anywhere with you. Ideal for workshops and narrow projects, the Wolf Pup LT features 18" weaving width, and the same sturdy X-frame and barrel-nut construction as all the other Wolf Looms.


  • Steel hub friction brake
  • Brake release foot pedal
  • Aluminium harness channels
  • Attached beater pin
  • Stainless steel heddle bars
  • Stainless steel reed (choice of 6, 8, 10, 12 or 15 dent)
  • 300 inserted eye heddles

Just like the Baby Wolf and Mighty Wolf looms, the Wolf Pup also features jacks and lamms, which allow shafts to be tied to any of its 6 treadles, in whatever combination your weave structure requires.


  • Treadle Tracker
  • Mini clipboard for holding your threading and treadling diagrams

Additional Options for the Wolf Pup LT

If you're a taller weaver, you might consider getting the Wolf Pup LT with a height extender, which makes the loom 2″ taller, allowing more legroom.

Wolf Pup 8.10 Features

The Wolf Pup 8.10 expands the options of Schacht's Wolf Pup line, offering 8-shaft, 10-treadle weaving with an 18″ weaving width, and an X-frame construction that provides a sturdy base while allowing the loom to be easily folded up to a depth of 19”.

Folding the loom is a cinch, with or without a warp on it. Barrel nut construction and traditional woodworking joinery have been employed for stability and sturdiness.

The Wolf Pup 8.10 is a compact loom that performs like a big loom. It's perfect for schools and teaching studios where floor space is always a premium. You don’t need to sacrifice big loom features for narrow weaving projects or small spaces.


  • Super compact with a footprint of just 28″ wide x 35-1/2″ deep.
  • Outrigger front legs to make extra space for 10 treadles.
  • Easy-to-operate brake release lever.
  • For rigid heddle weavers keen on pattern weaving, the Wolf Pup 8.10 will take you to the next level in a friendly, feature-full loom.


  • Treadle Tracker
  • 600 inserted eye heddles
  • Reed of your choice
  • 90 tie-up cords
  • Caster wheels

This loom also includes treadle aid included, which prevents shafts from floating when 6 or more shafts are raised at a time.

Additional Options for Wolf Pup 8.10

  • 8-shaft Wolf Pup High Castle Tray
  • Wolf Pup Trap
  • Stroller (Wolf Pup 8.10 Stroller or Wolf Height Extender Stroller)
  • Double Back Beam
  • Sectional Beam

If you're a taller weaver, you might consider getting the Wolf Pup 8.10 with a height extender, which makes the loom 2″ taller, allowing more legroom.