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Mirrix Extra Shedding Device

Take Your Weaving Technique to the Next Level

If you haven't got a shedding device for your Mirrix 8" or 12" looms yet or if you simply need another for a bigger loom, this Extra Shedding Device is perfect for you.

Adding an extra shedding device to your Mirrix loom allows you to use several techniques in your tapestry weaving such as basket weave, twill weave, and tabby weave.

What You Get

The kit comes with the shedding device, a set of clips (if you need them), a handle, and an Allen wrench.

This product does not come with heddles.

Do you need clips with your shedding device?

If you've already purchased a Mirrix Loom without a shedding device, but do have large clips on the loom, you can purchase this product without clips.

However, if you currently have small clips on your loom without a space for the shedding device, you'll definitely need to purchase the extra shedding device with clips. The same goes for when you're purchasing this product as an additional shedding device.