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Louet Megado

Faster Modern Weaving

The Megado floor loom is Louet's flagship weaving loom. A multi-shaft dobby loom that is designed to make weaving a more enjoyable experience!

It features a countermarch shed and a moving breast beam with a unique tension control system, allowing the warp to be set and checked with each advance.

The Louet Megado is light to treadle and offers an optional adjustable tilting weaving bench to maximise comfort. It is available in 5 weaving widths ranging from 40cm to 130cm with 16 shaft and 32 shaft options.

This excellent weaving loom lets you weave production-scale pieces faster and easier with the use of modern technology. Investing in a Louet Megado dobby loom will ensure many years of comfortable and productive weaving. Choose from mechanical or computer Dobby system!

Accessories for the Louet Megado include the weaving bench, weaving bench tilting kit, Texsolv heddles, second warp beam, fly shuttle, stainless steel reeds, warp tension regulator, and sectional warp kit.