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Lykke Handcrafted Knitting Needles & Hooks

Handcrafted needles you won't want to put down.

The passion for knitting has only grown over time, with a new generation of crafters embracing this traditional craft. Among the myriad of knitting supplies available in the market, LYKKE Handcrafted Knitting Needles & Hooks stand out as a shining example of impeccable craftsmanship, blending beauty and functionality to enhance the knitting experience.

Why Choose LYKKE?

LYKKE Needle Sets are needles that need to be seen. LYKKE are needles and hooks that have been handcrafted and assembled in a scenic region of Kathmandu, Nepal. LYKKE's production processes do not rely on mechanized automation, instead, their needles and hooks benefit from the skilled and graceful human touch of skilled Nepalese craftspeople. 

LYKKE needles and hooks are made from strong Birchwood resulting in needles that are both strong, smooth and light.  Their warm character and unique visual appeal make your LYKKE needles and hooks warm on your hand and eyes, and a pleasure to work with. All LYKKE needles are etched with both US and metric sizing ensuring long-term readability.

Beauty Meets Functionality

Knitting with Lykke Handcrafted Needles & Hooks is not just a functional experience but a visual delight as well. The distinct grain patterns and warm hues of the wood lend an organic beauty to the tools, making them a pleasure to behold. The craftsmanship and design are a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence and the appreciation of natural materials.

Beyond their aesthetics, Lykke knitting needles and hooks are highly functional. The carefully selected hardwoods offer a lightweight yet sturdy construction that makes for comfortable knitting. Additionally, the thoughtfully designed sizes and lengths ensure that crafters can find the perfect tool for any project, from delicate lacework to cozy blankets.

Buy LYKKE Knitting Needles & Hooks in Australia

Lykke Handcrafted Knitting Needles & Hooks have captured the hearts of knitters around the world with their exceptional craftsmanship, functionality, and commitment to sustainable practices. So, grab a pair of Lykke needles or hooks and experience the happiness of knitting in its purest form. Happy knitting!

P.S. LYKKE needle tips are also available separately. Contact us to place your order.