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      Lykke Handcrafted Knitting Needles & Hooks

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      Handcrafted needles you won't want to put down.

      LYKKE Needle Sets are needles that need to be seen.  LYKKE are needles and hooks have been handcrafted and assembled in a scenic region of Kathmandu, Nepal. LYKKE's production processes do not rely on mechanized automation, instead, their needles and hooks benefit from the skilled and graceful human touch of skilled Nepalese craftspeople. 

      LYKKE needles and hooks are made from strong Birchwood resulting in needles that are both strong, smooth and light.  Their warm character and unique visual appeal makes your LYKKE needles and hooks warm on hand and eyes, a pleasure to work with. 

      All LYKKE needles are etched with both US and metric sizing ensuring long-term readability.

      LYKKE needle tips are also available separately. Contact us to place your order.