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Bamboo Colour Pack 002 | Maurice Brassard

Colours for Delightful Weaving

Add a burst of mouthwatering inspiration to your weaving projects with our Bamboo Colour Pack. We've drawn inspiration from the delicious colours of a lemon raspberry tart, creating a palette that's as sweet and tangy as the dessert itself.

This pack contains 5 227g cones of Maurice Brassard Bamboo Yarn (Ne 16/2) in the following colours:

  • Brun 8024
  • Coquille 8027
  • Viel Or 5229
  • Vert Fonce 8022
  • Burgundy 8028

Bring the flavours of this delectable treat to your weaving with these Maurice Brassard bamboo weaving yarns. It's time to add a touch of sweetness and style to your projects. Order yours today and start weaving your way to delightful and eye-catching masterpieces!

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