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Cotton 20/2 Mercerised Colour Pack 003 | Venne

Warm and Earthy Hues

This Cotton Colour Pack is a beautiful collection of rich and earthy hues inspired by the enchanting shades of brown. This exquisite assortment of yarn will add warmth and sophistication to your crafting projects, making it a must-have for any yarn enthusiast.

This pack contains 5 100g cones of Venne Cotton Yarn (Ne 20/2) in the following colours:

  • Havanna 6022
  • Dune 6043
  • Light Brown 6019
  • Honey 1007
  • Golden Brown 6002

The warm and timeless colours in this collection will bring a touch of earthy beauty to your weaving. Unleash your creativity and let the beauty of brown shades shine through in your handmade treasures.