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Cotton Slub Colour Pack 005 | Maurice Brassard

A Spectrum of Tulip Hues

This Cotton Slub Colour Pack features an array of captivating shades that mirror the hues of tulips in full bloom. From deep and sultry reds to delicate pinks, and lush greens to deep purples, this collection encompasses the full spectrum of tulip-inspired colours. You'll find the perfect shade to bring your artistic vision to life.

This pack contains 5 227g cones of Maurice Brassard Cotton Slub Yarn in the following colours:

  • Vert Fonce 629
  • Bourgogne 660
  • Cerise 696
  • Mauve 620
  • Noir 639

Create something amazing with this Maurice Brassard Cotton Slub yarn colour pack, inspired by the beauty of tulips. Start your project today!