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Cotton Colour Pack 006 | Maurice Brassard

Colours of a Rose Garden

Say hello to our Cotton Boucle Yarn Pack, with a colour selection inspired by the enchanting beauty of a rose garden. Each cone in this pack is a different shade, offering endless possibilities for combining and contrasting colours in your projects.

This pack contains 5 227g cones of Maurice Brassard Cotton Boucle Yarn in the following colours:

  • Saumon 1317
  • Brique 985
  • Olive Fonce 8266
  • Sierra 1391
  • Brun Fonce 40

Whether you're designing a heartfelt gift or adding a touch of elegance to your textile art, these luxurious yarns will elevate your handiwork to a level of sophistication that will be cherished for years to come.