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Recycled Cotton - Ne 10/4 (Ne 5/2 equivalent) [Discontinued]

Recycled Weaving Yarn

Looking for a weaving yarn that has been given a second shot at life? Stop! This is for you.

This recycled cotton weaving yarn from Ada Fibres is soft, has a tweedy personality and is just waiting to be woven into a project that can say it's made a difference and has a story to tell.

The recycled cotton is available on 500g recycled cones (+/- 25g) and measures approximately 2125m/ cone (425m/100g). The WPI is 24 and the suggested weaving sett is 15-18 EPI. If you are using a rigid heddle loom choose between a 50/10 (12.5 DPI) or a 60/10 (15 DPI) depending on your desired finish. 

What is recycled cotton and how is it made?

The recycled cotton weaving yarn from Ada Fibres is made from approximately 50% fabric waste from European fashion houses, 25% mill ends from spinning mills and 25% polyester fibres which give the respun yarn strength.  As a percentage of this yarn is recycled fashion stock, the colours are sorted and will vary between lots.  The mixture between the recycled fabrics and spun dyed yarns gives this yarn is unique tweedy finish. 

Please note that we have tried to capture the colours as best we can however colours may vary from that shown on your screen.  There is a long lead time to manufacture and transport this yarn, as such back-orders will not be available for this line.  Make sure you get enough yarn to finish your project and weave your way.

This recycled cotton is also available in a 3mm size which makes it great for macrame, rug weaving and weaving on a frame loom.