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Rep Weaves: 27 Projects Using New and Classic Patterns

Hone Your Craft with Fun Weaving Projects

Get more creative with the help of the Rep Weaves: 27 Projects Using New and Classic Patterns book by Laila Lundell. 

What is a Rep Weave?

Rep weave is a simple weave structure in which the warp covers, or nearly covers, the weft. While rep weaves may take a while to thread, they do weave up swiftly, and you'll have a sturdy and cheerful textile in no time. You'll love it for its strong lines and colour!

Practice with New and Classic Weaving Patterns

This fun and informative book by Swedish weaver Laila Lundell features 27 projects designed by the author herself. Have fun exploring both traditional patterns and her own unique variations to create beautiful pieces like table runners, rugs, placemats, and many more.

The projects come with step-by-step instructions, detailed explanations, and illustrations. So, even if you're new to weaving, you won't have a hard time following. 

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