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Cotton Colour Pack 009 | Maurice Brassard

Inspired by Beach Day Bliss

Bring the radiant hues of a warm and sunny day at the beach to your crafting with this Cotton Colour Pack. This exquisite yarn pack features five luscious cones of cotton yarn, each dyed in enchanting shades that capture the essence of a perfect seaside escape.

This pack contains 5 227g cones of Maurice Brassard Cotton Weaving Yarn (Ne 8/2) in the following colours:

  • Bleu 4272
  • Royal 963
  • Kaki 14
  • Brique 985
  • Vieil Or 1418

Let your creativity flow as you craft with vivid and inviting colours inspired by nature's splendour. Order your yarn pack today and create your own masterpiece that captures the essence of beachside bliss.

You can also purchase these yarn colours in sizes 8/4, 8/8, or 16/2.