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Cotton Colour Pack 014 | Maurice Brassard

A Subtle, Nature-Inspired Palette

A harmonious blend of five subtle, nature-inspired colours, this Cotton Colour Pack will transport you to the tranquil beauty of a sandy beach adorned with seashells. The carefully chosen yarns in this pack provide a versatile and stunning array of options for your creative projects. Whether you're looking to create delicate, pastel-inspired designs or earthy, rustic textures, these colours offer endless possibilities.

This pack contains 5 227g cones of Maurice Brassard Cotton Weaving Yarn (Ne 16/2) in the following colours:

  • Saumon 1317
  • Ivorie 1451
  • Sierra 1391
  • Flax 5109
  • Stone 8115

Order your pack today and embark on a weaving journey filled with elegance, style, and creativity. We can't wait to see the masterpieces you'll weave into existence!

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