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Mirrix Tall Edition Tapestry Loom

Mirrix Tall Edition Tapestry & Bead Loom

Little Guy and Big Sister, but taller! The Mirrix Tall Edition looms are great for weavers looking to weave longer and thinner pieces on a super portable weaving loom. These looms are used to make woven rugs, table runners, belts, and many more.

The Mirrix Tall Edition Tapestry Loom is a versatile and fun tool that promotes artistic expression and personal exploration. Its versatility, portability, and incorporation of numerous materials make it a popular choice among weavers looking to express their creativity. This loom embraces interactive weaving techniques, such as adding beads, soumak, or embroidery stitches to your tapestry. These techniques open up a world of creative opportunities, allowing you to incorporate additional textures, patterns, and embellishments into your woven masterpieces.

Weave faster and easier with the help of weaving loom accessories compatible with the Mirrix Tall Edition looms. These include Shasta combs, bottom spring kits, no warp-ends kits, extra warping bar kits, loom extenders, add-on bottom beams, and extra shedding device.