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    Yarns - Weaving, Knitting and Specialty Yarns Australia wide

    Australia's most comprehensive selection of fine yarns

    At Thread Collective, we have sourced some of the finest locally produced yarns along with the brands you know and love from across the globe. Thread Collective's curated collection of yarns has been designed to allow fibre artists and weavers choice so they can focus on their craft and not on import logistics. We are continuing to evolve our range, working with local manufacturers to broaden locally sourced products. Internationally, we are always looking for innovative and exciting yarns to bring you a comprehensive choice.

    Come and view our extensive range of coloured and natural yarns. The filters on the left of the page will help you narrow down your choices.

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    On Sale $35.00 $29.75

    Whirl gradient yarns from Scheepjes  The popular Scheepjes whirl is now available at Thread Collective.  Scheepjes whirls are available in a range of colour combinations and are a great option for adding colour and interest to your projects.  Whirls are...

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    On Sale $15.00 $10.00

    Handpicked Yarn Packs These Catona yarn packs are made up of 10 x 10g balls (100g in total) of the very popular Catona cotton. This 100% mercerised cotton yarn comes in a huge range of colours, suitable for a wide range of...

    On Sale
    On Sale $37.00 $31.45

    Add a woolly gradient to your life! Scheepjes Woolly Whirls, a popular favourite is available now.  The woolly whirl is the warmer alternate to Scheepjes Whirls. It's made from 70% cotton and 30% wool.  FIBRE: 70% Cotton / 30% Wool WEIGHT: Fingering GAUGE: 25...

    On Sale
    On Sale $10.00 $8.50

    Extend your Whirl with Whirlette Scheepjes Whirlette are single colour yarn cakes that co-ordinate beautifully with many of Scheepjes Whirls. Extend a pattern using Whirls. Fibre Content: 60% Cotton x 40% Acrylic Needle Size 1: 3.5 mm Needle Size 2:...

    On Sale
    On Sale $6.00 $5.10

    An Expressive Alternative  Scheepjes River Washed yarn is made from combining a painted inner thread and surrounding that by a differently coloured net, resulting in a uniquely expressive yarn. Scheepjes River Washed yarn gives all projects a tough and contemporary...

    On Sale
    On Sale $9.90 $8.45

    Silky Soft Alpaca and Wool Scheepjes Alpaca Rhythm is a premium blend consisting of 80% Alpaca and 20% extra fine wool.  This is a lace weight yarn that is silky soft to touch and wonderful to work with.  Brand Scheepjes...

    On Sale
    On Sale $125.00 $100.00

    A touch of decadence with Scheepjes Whirligig! Scheepjes Whirligigs, are a new favourite featuring alpaca and virgin wool.  The Whirligigs are on large 450g cakes and feature the same gradients you have come to love. The Whirligigette's are the Whirligigs...

    On Sale
    On Sale $24.90 $21.20

    Compliment your Scheepjes Whirligig Featuring a cozy combination of alpaca and Virgin Wool, Scheepjes Whirligig and Scheepjes Whirligigette will give a lift to your projects. The Whirligigette's are large 100g balls that complement the Whirligig gradient yarn cakes.  Whirligig is a gentle...

    On Sale
    On Sale $36.00 $30.60

    Add a bit of Frost in your Whirl!  When you what to add a bit of sweet glam to your whirl, Scheepjes Frost is for you!  Frost features the twisted piles of the whirls that you love which enable speed...

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